Filter Configuration
Configure ALCAD 905 Serie programmable filters and channel processors with this simple android application.
Speed up your headend setup with your own smartphone.

Easy, simple, fast and wireless.
Alcad Play
Some requisites for this app ... Keep in mind the use of IP-201 Gateway for a complete communication and control of your headend.
(See next section for further information)
o ALCAD IP-201 Gateway o Android Ice Cream 4.0 and superior o SmartPhone, Tablet ... with Bluetooth connection o Size 10MB o Current version v1.0.3
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1 Just use your Smartphone Use your Android smartphone and avoid the extra cost of an exclusive or propietary handheld - terminal.
2 Fast Configuration All the modules of the headend with a single click. Forget programming each module with your IR Terminal, one after another, and save time.
3 Databases BBDD The internal database helps you to save time, too. After first reading, the current status of the module is handled by this database.
4 Drag&Drop Position Change module position with this simple "drag&drop" feature. The BBDD will show you the moduleĀ“s order in the installation session after session. Tidy up all your different installations!!.
5 Error Warning The application will show you "out of range" warnings and some other relevant information.
6 Multilingual Spanish, French, Italian, English (default).
Contact us for more translations
7 Automatic Channel Level Equalization ZAP app + PA-320 in combination allows you to adjust the level of the channels automatically or manually.
8 No cable. Use the bluetooth functionality of your smartphone|tablet|laptop to connect wirelessly with your Headend.
1 ZA-411 Programmable double filter for DTT or analogue channels in UHF. Modular, single channel or multi channel More ...
2 ZA-431 Programmable channel processor for DTT or analogue channels in UHF.Modular, single channel with 70 dB selectivity More ...
3 ZA-331 Programmable channel processor for DTT or analogue channels in BIII. Modular, single channel with 70 dB selectivity More ...
4 PA-320 Broadband Amplifier for terrestrial TV filters / processors and FM & DAB.Adjustable output level + attenuator (110dBuV max.) More ...
v1.0.4 Ā·Support for Android 6 and up
v1.0.3 -Database corruption detection
-Bug Crash in led identification ZA-331
v1.0.2 -Bug Crash during Bluetooth Discovery
v1.0.1 -Italian language supported
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