ALCAD has a high definition IPTV solution (television and entertainment using IP networks) with value added services such as video on demand (VoD), channel list customization, and digital signage. This system provides hotels with a comprehensive solution which combines television, telephone, and Internet communications in a single data network, which will improve the way that hotels manage their communication systems. The solution is based on open standards, and can be adapted to the specific needs of a hotel.

ALCAD'S IPTV SOLUTIONS is therefore the definitive platform for the complete and simple management of television and entertainment. It provides hotel guests with extra services, such as films, music, radio, room service, alarm clock and even a checkout service, within easy reach and which will make their stay more enjoyable. The hotel can also benefit from ease of system integration, as well as other services such as the inclusion of corporate channels, advertising, and a hotel messaging and information system.