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IPTV solutions
TV and video broadcast via IP allows the transmission of images through standard data networks, making possible the transmission of television, telephone and internet through one piece of equipment. Image quality improves with this system and extra services are made available for guests.

The main features of this system are:

  • -High-quality image
  • -Video on demand (VoD), music and games
  • -In-room internet
  • -Guest Services (easily used by guests):
    • -Alarm clock
    • -Conference channel
    • -Select language (default language according to nationality)
    • -Parental Control
    • -Room Service
    • -Additional Services (laundry)
  • -Hotel Services (for use in daily hotel operations):
    • -Welcome Message
    • -Hotel Information
    • -Corporate Channels
    • -Information and Publicity in common areas (Digital Signage)
    • -Message System
    • -Guest questionnaire
    • -Room maintenance and mini-bar management


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