Every day we deal with patients and residents who have problems with orientation, Alzheimer, senile dementia, etc. This type of resident may sometimes try and wander out of the residential centre without permission, thereby endangering not only their own safety but also jeopardising the centre that is looking after them, since it is responsible for the resident. It also means that the centre has to provide staff for the specific purpose of monitoring these patients. This is why ALCAD has incorporated the WANDERING PREVENTION solution into its patient-nurse call system, as it has mechanisms which can monitor the patients to prevent them from leaving the centre, thus facilitating the work of the staff.

The wandering prevention solution is a waterproof, identificatory, ergonomic bracelet which is worn by the patient. Activators are installed in the monitored areas (entrance doors etc) which detect when a wanderer passes through the area. The alarm management system can be set to respond in a variety of ways, including light signal warnings, closing of doors, or a message sent to the patient-nurse call system that an incident has occurred in the area, so that the nursing staff can take the appropriate action.